la|bor1 [ `leıbər ] noun ***
1. ) uncount all the workers in a particular country, industry, or company considered as a group:
the declining demand for labor in agriculture
a plentiful supply of cheap labor
skilled/unskilled labor: The demand for skilled labor in the building industry is high.
casual labor: Hotel managers need skilled, helpful staff and can't afford to rely on casual labor.
a ) uncount the organizations to which workers belong. or their leaders considered as a group:
a meeting between management and labor
organized labor: The Republican-controlled Congress has reversed many of the laws that are critical to the survival of organized labor.
b ) only before noun relating to or involving workers:
a labor dispute
labor costs: The company is passing its higher labor costs on to its customers.
labor unrest: increasing labor unrest in the car industry
labor relations (=relationships between employers and workers): The agreements were hailed as a quantum leap for workers and future labor relations.
2. ) uncount work:
the traditional division of labor between men and women in the home
The price quoted includes the cost of all labor and materials.
a ) labor or labors uncount FORMAL work that involves effort, especially physical effort:
In return for his labors, he receives food and shelter.
b ) fruit(s) of your labor the benefits of your hard work:
It's an efficient lawn mower that leaves you time to enjoy the fruits of your labor.
3. ) singular or uncount the process by which a baby is pushed from its mother's body during birth:
in labor: She was in labor for six hours.
go into labor: She went into labor early this morning.
labor pains: My wife called to say that her labor pains had started.
la|bor 2 [ `leıbər ] verb intransitive *
1. ) to work hard, especially physically:
Five generations of his family have labored as fishermen.
a ) to put a lot of effort into achieving something:
labor over: At midnight, she was still laboring over the accounts.
labor to do something: He labored to make them understand his reasons.
2. ) to move very slowly and with difficulty:
He labored up the stairs with his bags of groceries.
labor the point
to repeat something too many times
labor under a misapprehension/delusion/misconception
to continue to believe that something is true when it is not

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.


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